Martin Valdés-Stauber González

Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration

Martín Valdés-Stauber González works for the Production Management of the Münchner Kammerspiele. He previously studied Sociology at the University of Cambridge. He has dedicated himself to the challenges of migration collaborating in projects at the local level as well as throughout his academic training in Economics, Sociology and Political Science at LMU München, UC Berkeley and Zeppelin Universität.



Project Completed

DIALOGUE ON EUROPE – Project completed

The final Policy Briefs are online31 March 2018
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Our DIALOGUE ON EUROPE came to an end in March 2018 with the publication of the Thinking Lab’s results. The Closing Conference of the project took place in Brussels on 19 March 2018. Discover here the four Policy Briefs on Migration and Integration, Populism, Social Cohesion and Sustainable Growth and spread the word!

Migration & Integration Policy Recommendations Results

Policy Brief on Migration & Integration

2018 | Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration22 March 2018

Civil society actors from six European countries present their policy brief on Migration & Integration in Europe. The Thinking Lab developed nine policy recommendations divided into three main clusters.


Final results of the Thinking Labs online!

Check out the four policy briefs21 March 2018 | Contributors to the DIALOGUE ON EUROPE
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Over the course of the last two years, civil society experts and practitioners from across Europe gathered in four DIALOGUE ON EUROPE Thinking Labs to deliver fresh ideas and to independently elaborate concrete policy recommendations on four European key areas: Migration & Integration, Populism, Social Cohesion, and Sustainable Growth. Discover the summary of their proposals and the full-length policy briefs below! (more…)

Populism Analysis

After Trump’s Success: A Convergence of the Populist Challenge

21 December 2016
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The unexpected happened and we are still searching for an answer why it happened and what might be the adequate response. This essay attempts to look for the reasons of the current success of populists on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and to face the challenge that is produced by this convergence.

Migration & Integration Thinking Lab

Introducing the Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration

16 engaged Europeans for concrete solutions to the refugee crisis and beyond23 October 2016
First Meeting of the Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration on 29 June 2016 in Berlin © DPZ

The Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration focuses on one of the most crucial challenges currently faced by the European Union. Within one year, based on the diverse experiences Southern European countries and Germany have so far gathered, the Lab will deliver a genuine European perspective on migration and integration policy. The concept of “people on the move” rather than “refugees” or “migrants” remains the center of the debate.