Dimitrios Maragkos

Thinking Lab on Social Cohesion

Dimitrios Maragkos is Project Manager of Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB). BBB is a NGO using the art of short film and new media to promote youth cooperation in the Balkans through dialogue and interaction. Moreover, he is an Independent EU expert speaker in the Team Europe Greece, a network which is coordinated by the European Commission in Greece.



Social Cohesion Policy Recommendations Results

Policy Brief on Social Cohesion

2018 | Thinking Lab on Social Cohesion22 March 2018

Civil society actors from six European countries present their policy brief on Social Cohesion in Europe. The Thinking Lab developed seven main policy recommendations in four key areas.


Final results of the Thinking Labs online!

Check out the four policy briefs21 March 2018 | Contributors to the DIALOGUE ON EUROPE
Bild: Jacob&Alex

Over the course of the last two years, civil society experts and practitioners from across Europe gathered in four DIALOGUE ON EUROPE Thinking Labs to deliver fresh ideas and to independently elaborate concrete policy recommendations on four European key areas: Migration & Integration, Populism, Social Cohesion, and Sustainable Growth. Discover the summary of their proposals and the full-length policy briefs below! (more…)

Migration & Integration PRESS

“The Youth Needs to be a Multiplier of Knowledge”

The representative of "Balkans beyond Borders" on the importance of engaging youth with the EU6 April 2017 | Anna Romandash
Photo: Alex&Jacob/ Das Progressive Zentrum, 2017.

Demetrios Maragkos, the initiator of “Balkans across Borders” tries to unite youth across the Balkans and to promote the European idea. With his film festival he seeks to promote the common values and ideas, youth from the Balkans and the EU share, to bring them closer together.

Social Cohesion Opinion

How to Tackle Skill Mismatch and Reduce Youth Unemployment

The World of Business Urges for Soft Skills - EU Mobility Programs Offer the Solution!28 November 2016 | Dimitris Maragkos
"Erasmus+ bags" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by European Parliament

The first European Thinking Lab took place from 25-27 November in Lisbon. During the Summit, the contributors cooperated within their Thinking Lab and worked out brief policy proposals. Dimitris Maragkos worked on the topics of skill mismatch and youth unemployment.

Social Cohesion Thinking Lab

Introducing the Thinking Lab on Social Cohesion

Tackling the issue of growing inequality with a team of 16 young professionals24 October 2016
First Meeting of the Thinking Lab on Social Cohesion on 29 June 2016 in Berlin © DPZ

The Thinking Lab on Social Cohesion is engaged with one of the main factors of discontent within the European Union: the increase of social inequality and its consequences both on national cohesion and intra-European solidarity. This Thinking Lab is ambitious to identify both current critical developments and appropriate solutions to the crisis. The Lab looks into policy arrangements on the national scale and incorporates international interdependencies.