Matia Losego

Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration

Matia Losego is a youth worker and Human Rights educator, based in Lisbon. He is currently working at the NGO Dinamo and he coordinated the Portuguese version of the Compass manual by Council of Europe. Matia has undergone the training of trainers in Human Rights Education at the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.



Migration Integration Germany Interview

“There has been a constant neglect of the migration reality”

Interview with Meike Behrends on migration and asylum policy in Germany4 December 2017 | Maria Skóra
© Left: Ineedawsomepics/pixabay / © Right: Private

In 2015, almost one million asylum-seekers came to Germany and the country still has to cope with the repercussions of this development – in social, political and economic terms. Yet, migration and integration is not a new phenomenon to Germany. In this interview, Meike Behrends, an expert on European migration policy talks about the historic development of migration in Germany and how the country’s integration approach has changed during the last decades.