DIALOGUE ON EUROPE is a European project by the Berlin-based think tank Das Progressive Zentrum and the German Federal Foreign Office. This project relies on a strong network of innovative think tanks active in the five project countries: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. Without their support, the DIALOGUE ON EUROPE could not be truly achieved. We encourage you to get in touch with their work and visit their websites! For more information about our partnerships, click here.
Fundación AlternativasSpain
"Fundación Alternativas was created in 1997 with the aim of being a channel for advocacy and political, social, economic and cultural reflection in Spain and Europe, in the context of growing globalization. The central objective of the Foundation is the analysis and definition of new ideas with a focus on the needs of citizens and the progress of society. In addition, we make proposals to the political parties and other economic and social actors so that they can be incorporated in the public debate and the decision making process."
Politikon, founded in 2010 by a group of bloggers and analysts working in academia and the private sector, offers analysis and commentary on its own website, as well as providing content and analysis for other outlets and organisations. Furthermore, it serves as a network for academics in the social sciences, providing channels for them to share their work with the public.