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Launch of the DIALOGUE ON EUROPE Website

This website is designed as a platform for the DIALOGUE ON EUROPE. The DIALOGUE ON EUROPE is a transnational dialogue process with next generation thinkers and practitioners. It is based on four Thinking Labs: Migration & Integration, Populism, Social Cohesion and Sustainable Growth. In each Thinking Lab, 15 European personalities from civil society are developing new ideas together. They publish opinions, analyses, interviews, studies, and later on, policy recommendations. We will keep on publishing their contributions here – so this platform will grow and keep you up to date. If you are interested in contributing, please share your opinion pieces or analyses. Get in touch with us!

On we introduce the people behind the Thinking Labs. We use this website to make accessible the analyses and ideas that were gathered and developed within the Thinking Labs. We also feature the work of external experts from academia, media and civil society who are joining the DIALOGUE ON EUROPE.

The DIALOGUE ON EUROPE is currently in its second phase. In a first phase, key actors from civil society, the media, politics academia and the business sector have met in #EuropeanTownHall Meetings in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. In the current second phase, 60 young and innovative thinkers from these countries as well as from Germany, formed Thinking Labs. This is where we develop fresh and innovative ideas for the future of Europe. Watch our video here.