Sustainable Growth Thinking Lab

Introducing the Thinking Lab on Sustainable Growth

15 European innovators working on a progressive growth trajectory

First Meeting of the Thinking Labs on 29 June 2016 in Berlin © DPZ

The Thinking Lab on Sustainable Growth aims to provide guidance on the challenge of shaping economic growth in Europe in a more ecologic, inclusive and social way. The issue of Sustainability is not limited to the field of ecology, but has to be tackled within a cross-sectoral approach, incorporating topics such as energy policy, innovation and start-up policy, digitalisation, social security and national debt policy.

Striving towards ecologic, social and inter-generational Sustainability

The Thinking Lab on Sustainable Growth is facilitated by Sabrina Schulz, Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum, and Luís Teles Morais, Executive Director of the Lisbon-based think tank Institute of Public Policy, our Portuguese national partner organisation.

Within the Thinking Lab, a total of 15 European citizens work together, developing new ideas. They are proficient within the fields of, amongst others, social entrepreneurship, environmental solutions, health care policy, sustainable finance and civic participation. The team incorporates young professionals such as one of the co-founder of The Citizenship Academy Lisbon and a research fellow of the Jacques Delors Institute, French partner organisation of our DIALOGUE ON EUROPE.

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