Social Cohesion Thinking Lab

Introducing the Thinking Lab on Social Cohesion

Tackling the issue of growing inequality with a team of 16 young professionals

First Meeting of the Thinking Lab on Social Cohesion on 29 June 2016 in Berlin © DPZ

The Thinking Lab on Social Cohesion is engaged with one of the main factors of discontent within the European Union: the increase of social inequality and its consequences both on national cohesion and intra-European solidarity. This Thinking Lab is ambitious to identify both current critical developments and appropriate solutions to the crisis. The Lab looks into policy arrangements on the national scale and incorporates international interdependencies.

Proficiency through cross-sectoral cooperation

The Thinking Lab on Social Cohesion is facilitated by Max Neufeind, Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum, and Octavio Medina, editor of our Spanish partner organisation Politikon. They are working with a team of 14 young professionals from France, Portugal, Latvia, Germany, Italy and Greece, coming out of academia, diplomacy, EU institutions, national politics, economy and civil society.

Among the Lab, the Contributors show very diverse and active profiles. Hanaé Allali, a French-Maroccan citizen from Marseilles, is engaged as Ambassadress of the French NGO Passeport Avenir which fosters the integration of young people with a migration background into the labour market. Coming from Portugal, João Pedro Rosa is co-founder and director of Lisbon-based 4iS – Platform for Social Innovation, an NGO aiming to foster social innovation by supporting and facilitating social innovation practices in academic and local communities. Find out even more innovators by clicking on the Contributors’ profile below.