Populism Thinking Lab

Introducing the Thinking Lab on Populism

15 "next generation" thinkers gathered to develop strategies for dealing with populism

First Meeting of the Thinking Lab on Populism on 29 June 2016 in Berlin © DPZ

The Thinking Lab on Populism is dealing with one of the fastest growing phenomena in current European politics. Well known in other parts of the world, such as Latin America, the concept of populism is still an unclear one. While many experts and journalists characterize very heterogenous political movements such as Podemos on the one hand, and far right protest movements like the German Alternative für Deutschland, as being populist, the Thinking Lab is benefiting from a broader view on the matter and will try to bring clarity into the debate.

A joint expertise going far beyond the European borders

The Thinking Lab on Populism is facilitated by Hanno Burmester, Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum, Berlin, and Cláudia Pedra, a Portuguese national working in Marseilles for the EU MED Program. They are working with a team of 13 very active Europeans coming from all six countries participating in the DIALOGUE ON EUROPE. Some of them generate even more diversity through their personal life path, bringing an expertise i.a. on Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa or Latin America.

Among others, representatives from the young and upcoming Berlin-based grassroots think tank Polis180 are taking part in the Lab, as well as the founder of the Spanish online newspaper El Español, which has been launched thanks to the largest crowdfunding campaign worldwide that invested in media.

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