Migration & Integration Thinking Lab

Introducing the Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration

16 engaged Europeans for concrete solutions to the refugee crisis and beyond

First Meeting of the Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration on 29 June 2016 in Berlin © DPZ

The Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration focuses on one of the most crucial challenges currently faced by the European Union. Within one year, based on the diverse experiences Southern European countries and Germany have so far gathered, the Lab will deliver a genuine European perspective on migration and integration policy. The concept of “people on the move” rather than “refugees” or “migrants” remains the center of the debate.

16 Contributors from several countries, including Syria

The Thinking Lab on Migration & Integration is facilitated by Maria Skóra, Senior Project Manager at Das Progressive Zentrum, and Cláudia Pedra, Director of the Network of Strategic and International Studies, and former Director of the Amnesty International Office in Portugal. Aside their expertise within the topic of migration, the final outcomes of the project strongly rely on the broad experience of 14 Contributors from Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Germany.

They are not only experts and practitioners focused on migration due to their professional interest. Some of them experienced it directly. We are especially proud to count Samar Mawazini among our Contributors. French and Syrian national, Samar is a member of the Board of the NGO SOS Méditerranée, whose work and engagement for rescuing migrants in the sea has been recently awarded the European Citizen’s Prize 2016 by the European Parliament (more information here).


Cláudia PedraCo-Facilitator on Migration & Integration
Isber SabrineSpain/Syria
Maria SkóraCo-Facilitator on Migration & Integration