About the Team


The Co-Facilitators are driving and moderating the four Thinking Labs of the DIALOGUE ON EUROPE project. Each Lab is lead by a couple of Co-Facilitators composed of one Policy Fellow from Das Progressive Zentrum and of a member of one of our European partners. They are expert in their domains and assure a continuity as well as a diversity within each Lab, ensuring thus better results.
Hanno BurmesterDas Progressive Zentrum
Octavio MedinaPolitikon (Spain)
Max NeufeindDas Progressive Zentrum
Cláudia PedraNetwork for Strategic and International Studies (Portugal)
Sabrina SchulzDas Progressive Zentrum
Maria SkóraDas Progressive Zentrum
Luís Teles MoraisInstitute of Public Policy (Portugal)


Operative Team

The DIALOGUE ON EUROPE project has been initiated and carried out by the Berlin-based think tank Das Progressive Zentrum. The operative team is composed by a Project Lead, several Project Managers as well as Project Assistants and Interns. All together, we are solving the conceptual, logistical and organisational challenges of the European-wide DIALOGUE ON EUROPE project. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!
Camille CampagnaProject Assistant
Manuel GathProject Manager
Alban GentyProject Manager
Mona HilleOffice Manager
Philipp SälhoffProject Lead
Dominic SchwickertExecutive Director
Klara SucherCommunications Manager