About the Team


The Co-Facilitators are driving and moderating the four Thinking Labs of the DIALOGUE ON EUROPE project. Each Lab is lead by a couple of Co-Facilitators composed of one Policy Fellow from Das Progressive Zentrum and of a member of one of our European partners. They are expert in their domains and assure a continuity as well as a diversity within each Lab, ensuring thus better results.
Hanno BurmesterCo-Facilitator on Populism
Octavio MedinaCo-Facilitator on Social Cohesion
Max NeufeindCo-Facilitator on Social Cohesion
Cláudia PedraCo-Facilitator on Migration & Integration
Sabrina SchulzCo-Facilitator on Sustainable Growth
Maria SkóraCo-Facilitator on Migration & Integration
Luís Teles MoraisCo-Facilitator on Sustainable Growth
Nuno Casimiro Vaz SilvaCo-Facilitator on Populism


Operative Team

The DIALOGUE ON EUROPE project has been initiated and carried out by the Berlin-based think tank Das Progressive Zentrum. The operative team is composed by a Project Lead, several Project Managers as well as Project Assistants and Interns. All together, we are solving the conceptual, logistical and organisational challenges of the European-wide DIALOGUE ON EUROPE project. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!
Alban GentyProject Manager
Mona HilleOffice Manager
Lucas MatrayProject Assistant
Philipp SälhoffProject Lead
Dominic SchwickertExecutive Director
Maria SkóraCo-Facilitator on Migration & Integration
Benedikt WeingärtnerProject Manager